Property law

contracts, land and leases

I am happy to help you with any difficulties you may have about property law, particularly those concerning contracts, land and leases.

Many people now own investment properties that are let out to either commercial or residential tenants. Sadly even the best prepared landlord or tenant will sometimes find themselves wanting legal advice because something has gone wrong with the lease. I can offer help and advice, particularly about:

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Residential leases, including advising landlords and tenants on

  • Ending leases and recovery of possession (eviction),
    including the right procedure for doing so
  • Recovering unpaid rent
  • Issues arising during the lease such as landlords or tenants behaving
    badly or disagreements about the use being made of the premises
  • Reviewing and advising on standard form documents and procedures
    with a view to minimising risk

Commercial leases, including

  • Termination and recovery of possession
  • Recovery of money owed under the lease
  • Interpretation of lease provisions

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