Pitfalls for unwary landlords (1): ending a tenancy

Pitfalls for unwary landlords (1): ending a tenancy

December 6, 2014
by John
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For most people, ending a tenancy at the end of its term seems like a simple thing, but unwary landlords can make problems for themselves if they do not follow the right procedure. The rules are complicated and vary for different sorts of lease, but the bare minimum requirement is to serve a written Notice to Quit containing certain specified information and giving the right period of notice, and it is safest to have this delivered by a sheriff officer. In some cases other forms need to be served, with their own periods of notice.

If you get one or more of the prescribed steps wrong, if the tenant does not leave when asked, a court may refuse to grant an order for removal, and much money time may be lost while the process is re-started.

It is strongly recommended that all landlords thinking of ending a lease at the end of its term should get advice about exactly what to do and when. Though this may cost some money, it is a lot less than the cost of getting it wrong.

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