How much will it cost you?
A good question.

Trying to answer that question without knowing what the final result will be
is like guessing how long a piece of string is.

My charges are, I believe, highly competitive and nowhere near the corporate rates charged by large forms for experienced lawyers like me. My basic charges are calculated on an hourly basis at a rate I will explain to you at the beginning. In addition I will ask you to pay for those things I pay for on your behalf, such as court dues and other charges. Where experts or advocates are instructed for you, I will ask you to pay their initial estimated fee before I instruct them.

I will usually ask you for a payment to account before beginning work on your behalf, and I will generally bill you for work done on a monthly basis. For more detail see my detailed terms and conditions.

I am also prepared to consider fixed fees for defined pieces of work, and regular instalment payments to account of fees.

Try a free initial consultation

I offer a free initial consultation either in Edinburgh or on the telephone, and am happy to visit you at home or elsewhere if wanted.


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