and pre-cohabitation agreement.

I am able to offer experienced advice about whether such an agreement
may be useful, and to prepare such agreements for discussion.

The cost, emotional and in time and money, of negotiating and agreeing a financial settlement on separation, divorce or relationship breakdown can be very great. It is therefore often useful to think about having a pre-marriage agreement (a "pre-nup") or a pre-cohabitation agreement that sets out what is to be done should the worst happen.

Pre-nups are not for everyone, but they are often useful for people who already have children from a previous relationship and who want to avoid risk and upset. They may also suit couples that come from different legal jurisdictions that might in future live in countries other than Scotland. They can also be used where others (parents or other relatives) have provided financial help to one party or the other, e.g. to buy a home, to record the financial facts.

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